Elizabeth Araujo

Elizabeth Araujo, was born in El Salvador, I left the country in 1959 and live in Guatemala where the Maya tradition and ancient ways are alive. She is a member of the Consejo Maya Ajq’ijab de El Salvador and for more than 20 years she worked closely with the National Counsel of Elders Maya, Xinca and Garífuna de Guatemala, but after the passing of many of the great Elders of wisdom due to an advance age she is guided to do more work on her own. This is the time of the woman and we must walk forward.


From Creation to Our Times and Beyond

“At the beginning everything was still, peaceful and in silence … there was no movement, the whole expanse of the sky was empty…” says The Sacred book of the Mayas, the Pop Vuh or Popol Vuh.

Creation of man took three intents, but it wasn’t until the 3rd creation that people genuinely wanted to know more about their purpose of being here. Their pleads were constant, they really wanted to know more about their existence here on earth. Creator listened to their pleads and sent them the 4 Prophets, they came from the Stars and bought the Maya tradition with them. This prophets suddenly appeared among the people and started to teach, from what to eat, to how to pray, everything. 

After the celebration of the first Maya ceremony they started to measure time and so the creation of the calendars begun. The prophets entered from the 4 directions. If time permits we will explore the spiritual power in each one of these directions. I will talk about Qanil, a day in the maya calendar, that represents the seed and is the symbol of the number zero.

Our Ancestors left us a Consuetudinary law, a set of laws that allow us to live in peace and harmony and connected to Mother Earth. Many prophesies that are to be fulfilled in our time, our calendars and a tradition.

Briefly I will talk about the Choltun that marks eras in time, the most recent Dic.21/2012, that marks “the Shift”. The era of Love, Peace and Oneness. The return of Feminine energy to the planet. The Return of Ancestral wisdom or back to the origin, lastly I will talk about “The fusion” and the arrival of the new world and the new humanity. Guacamaya56@gmail.com


Understanding Better the Mayan Ceremony 

The Mayan Ceremony, like other ceremonies, allow us to get closer to our Creator, the one and only, known under many names but One for all. They allow us also to have a relationship with the sacred. I will explain about the steps involved when doing a ceremony, the materials that are used as offerings to the higher source. I will narrate the celebration of the first ceremony and the reason for doing it.

I will explain how the four main races on earth are represented in the ceremony as well as the four directions and the four elements; I will also explain the significance of the colors.  I will talk about intrinsic similarities between the Maya ceremonies and ceremonies in other indigenous traditions where the fire is always the central point. As we say, the fire is the Spirit of the ceremony. 


Genuine Traditional Maya Fire Ceremony

Elizabeth will guide us in a powerful ceremony during one of our shore excursions. The Maya Ceremony is an offering given to our Creator. In this occasion it will be to give thanks for being together and to ask for peace and unity in the world.

The Fire Ceremony is the spirit of the Maya Tradition. The fire transforms, the fire purifies. Through the fire we connect with our Creator. Elizabeth draws a glyph on the ground and explains the meaning of it before placing our offerings on it. Elizabeth explains the meaning of the day in the Maya Calendar.

Elizabeth invites the spirit of the water, mountains, the spirit of our ancestors, etc, to accompany us, we present ourselves to the sacred fire who will take our petitions and prayers to our Creator. 

We greet the 4 directions and then proceed to call the 20 days of the Mayan Calendar explaining their meaning. After calling the days and before closing the Ceremony, there is time for anyone to speak if so desires. We give thanks to the spirits that accompanied us, we give thanks to Our Creator and Mother Earth and close the ceremony, at this time the fire is all consumed.


Mayan Astrology Readings: Based in the Maya Calendar I will draw and interpret your birth chart. It will show the potentials you have been born with giving you an opportunity to cultivate them also make you aware of your weaknesses. This is a guide for your daily life, it will allow you to know yourself better and live a life in alignment with your purpose in life.