Charleene Closshey

Charleene Closshey is an award-winning Billboard Top 40 international recording artist and architect of the revolutionary Archetypes of Sound™, where Jungian archetypes explain the subtle effects of musical note pairs.

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Charleene began her musical journey at the age of 2, studying piano and reading music scores. An intuitive artist merging science with musical frequency, Charleene effortlessly translates quantum concepts into accessible language. She is known for her frequency research, charismatic presence, and unwavering commitment as thought leader and spiritual change artist.

Blending extensive Western classical music training with Eastern vibrational sciences, Charleene composes music tuned to precise hertz frequencies. Infusing her compositions with extremely low frequencies (ELFs), imperceptible to the human ear but felt in the listeners’ bodies. Praised for “breaking the mold,” Charleene’s award-winning compositions have been blessed by Pope Francis.

Charleene’s music resonates across global terrestrial radio waves covering diverse genres from Pop, Classical Crossover, New Age/Ambient, and Americana. She has appeared in both film and on Broadway, starring in the groundbreaking blockchain-released romantic comedy “No Postage Necessary” featured in Variety magazine and in the Tony Award-winning musical “Once”, among others.

A TEDx speaker, she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine researching frequency.,



Archetypes of the Cosmos: Unlocking Your Cosmic Identity Through Sound

Science merges with mystery as we delve into the provocative archetypal realm, exploring the cutting-edge field of frequency healing and the Archetypes of Sound™.

Harness the Power of Frequency:  We’ll begin by unraveling the science behind it all. Discover how quantum physics underpins the concept of frequency healing, explaining how specific frequencies can interact with your very being.

Experience the Archetypes of Sound™:  Prepare to be introduced to a revolutionary concept – the Archetypes of Sound™. Learn how these sonic archetypes go beyond mere vibrations, unlocking pathways to physical healing and profound cosmic awareness.

A Symphony of Crystal Bowls:  Get ready to be transported into a soundscape unlike any other. We’ll explore the resonant power of thirteen chromatically-tuned quartz crystal singing bowls, all meticulously crafted to the harmonious frequency of 432 hertz. Research suggests this specific frequency promotes DNA repair and overall well-being.

Contact Beyond:  This is more than just a lecture–be prepared for a transformative experience. As the crystal bowls resonate, immerse yourself in their healing vibrations and feel the potential for profound change.

Join Billboard Top 40 radio artist, classically trained composer, and comic medium Charleene Closshey for a journey that blends science and sound, offering you the tools for physical healing and a deeper connection to the cosmos.


Galactic Sound Codes: Tuning into the Frequencies of Ancient Civilizations

Embark on a captivating exploration of sound as a bridge to the cosmos. Experience the connection between the music we create here on Earth and the frequencies of other star systems channeled through quartz crystal singing bowls. 

Cosmic Symphonies: Delve into the unique frequencies, musical key signatures, and rhythms that resonate with specific star civilizations. Discover how these celestial melodies can be linked back to our own musical traditions.

Galactic Sound Codes: Unveil the pristine soundscapes of the Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, Orion, Arcturian, Andromeda and more. Understand these resonant frequencies connected to the Archetypes of Sound™, then experience these compelling tones firsthand. 

Soundscapes of the Stars: Immerse yourself in a crystalline sound bath unlike any other. Float in resonant frequencies attuned to beloved galactic systems with music intuitively played through a unique series of chromatically-tuned quartz crystal singing bowls. These DNA-tuning 432 hertz instruments have roots in the Antares star system, sure to transport you on a multi-sensory sound healing journey.

Connect to Your Cosmic Roots: Learn how to harness the power of sound to reconnect with your cosmic origins. Explore meditative practices, dream exploration techniques, and even everyday experiences as doorways to your deeper cosmic identity.

Witness the music of the spheres collide and harmonize with the music of the stars.

Join Billboard Top 40 radio artist, classically trained composer, and comic medium Charleene Closshey  on this transformative exploration of frequency. Use sound as a cosmic compass to navigate and inspire your universal higher self.


PRIVATE SESSION: Awaken Your Inner Starseed: Sound Healing for Cosmic Connection

Do you long to feel more connected to your ancient star civilizations and inner wisdom? Use sound and guided imagery to explore past-life memories, ancestral ties to advanced civilizations, and extraterrestrial connections. Ask questions, and receive insight delivered on the carrier waves of frequency. Bathe in the vibrations of crystal singing bowls attuned to unlock your cosmic potential. Experience deep relaxation, profound insights, and a renewed sense of belonging within the vast universe. ($349, 60 minutes) 

PRIVATE SESSION: The Pleiades Frequency: A Sound Healing Experience for Starseed Expansion

Resonate frequencies from the Pleiades star systems. Renowned for their ethereal beauty and ability to ignite ancient wisdom (especially related to languages and advanced science), Pleaidian energy connects us to different dimensions of feminine understanding. Quartz crystal singing bowls will bathe you in these healing vibrations. Expect an activation of feminine insight, igniting a powerful reawakening of your Pleaidian connection. Swim in vibrations from these “Seven sisters” now becoming a prominent sight in the Northern Hemisphere’s winter skies. ($279, 45 minutes)

PRIVATE SESSION: Whispers from Lyra: Crystal Bowls Aligned to the Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness

Listen to subtle whispers from elevated souls in Lyra during this crystalline sound healing experience. Fearless warriors of light, Lyrans battle dark forces both outside and inside themselves. Embrace this fiery fortitude and power, unearth forgotten memories, reconnect with your multidimensional self, and experience a profound alignment with the vast tapestry of cosmic consciousness. [Caution: celestial purring may ensue.] ($189, 30 minutes)