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Port Canaveral is one of the more popular cruising and vacation destinations in Florida, and is the gateway to cruise that many guests embark and start their adventure. Here is a quick guide to how to get there quickly and easily.

Celebrity Cruise Line operates out of Cruise Terminal #1, located at the south side of Port Canaveral: Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal #1 9050 Discovery Road Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920

Accepted Payment Options – American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit Cards Refunds – May be requested by contacting us at (321) 783-7831 ext. 327 – Monday through Friday. 


At the Cruise Terminal, you will check in at Celebrity. Look for a sign directing you to your Deck. If you are booked in a suite, or if you are an Emerald, Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Plus member of the Celebrity Captain’s Club, be sure to take advantage of Priority Check-in. When you get to the pier, look for a sign directing you to your Deck and to Priority Check-In. That is the area where you can go ahead of the long lines.

If you have completed your online registration in advance at and printed out your “Xpress” Boarding Pass, then you will “sail through” the registration process. If not, please arrive early, by 2:00 pm, in order to complete your registration at the dock.


Guests can complete Online Check-In (on the Internet) no later than 4 days prior to the cruise. If you completed Online Check-In, you will go to an area designated for documentation validation. By checking in online, you will expedite your boarding process and will be able to start enjoying your cruise vacation much faster.

At the Cruise Terminal, you will need to present: – Your Xpress Pass – Identification Documents (proof of Citizenship) for each guest – Credit Card to be used for your Onboard Expense Account – Onboard Expense Account Information (ie your credit card and the reservation information that is authorized to charge against the account)


PRINT OUT YOUR XPRESS BOARDING PASS AT CELEBRITY WEBSITE OR USE APP ON MOBILE PHONE Check-in online or on the app in advance! It’s easy. When you check-in in advance, it saves time. You won’t have to fill out any forms at the port. Once you have completed the Online Check-In process, you will receive a “Xpress” Pass, which indicates you successfully completed the check-in process for you and other guests listed on your Xpress Pass. IMPORTANT: You will be notified by email when online check-in is available. It will be 45 days before your sailing date. You must complete and print your Xpress Pass up to 4 days prior to your sail date. CLICK HERE to set up a Celebrity account and complete your Online Check-in. You may also access this page by visiting www.celebritycruises.com/account/signin Place your cursor over the link on the top of the page marked “BEFORE YOU BOARD.” Select the second option “Online Check-in” from the drop-down menu.) NEED HELP? For computer tech support, call this number: (844) 418-6824. They will walk you through the process. LUGGAGE TAGS: After you have completed your Xpress Pass, you will print out luggage tags marked with your stateroom number. Your luggage tags will direct your luggage from the luggage drop-off at the cruise terminal directly to your stateroom. Once this is complete, you are all set and ready to enjoy your cruise onboard Celebrity. Just make sure you take your boarding pass, luggage tags, and necessary documentation (passport, visas, etc.) to the pier with you. MOBILE CHECK IN: Guests can also download the Celebrity International app and for mobile check-in. The app is available at iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. If eligible for Expedited Arrival (indicated on mobile Xpress Pass, follow the Expedited Arrival signs at the terminal to pass through accelerated checkpoints. Skip the check-in lines, scan your Xpress Pass at the gangway, and board the ship.



One of the best things about cruising is the convenience of being able to sign for all your expenses and have them charged to your stateroom. When you check-in for your cruise, you’ll receive a SeaPass Card. This Card is used to access your personal shipboard account to which all purchases are charged. All Celebrity ships operate on a “cashless” system, meaning your boarding card, (also known as your Celebrity SeaPass card), will be used as a charge card to make all onboard purchases. To activate this Celebrity SeaPass account, most guests provide a credit card, (American Express, Optima, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diner’s Club), to have these purchases charged at the end of their cruise. Additionally, the Celebrity SeaPass system may be activated with traveler’s checks, Visa or MasterCard debit cards, or cash. A running tab of all your purchases will be kept under separate folio numbers for each guest and an itemized statement left in your stateroom the night before disembarkation. If you provided a credit card and there are no discrepancies, the amount will be charged to your account on the morning of disembarkation. If you have used traveler’s checks or cash to activate the account, you will need to settle the account at the Guest Relations desk, to either receive a reimbursement of the unused amount, or to pay the balance due. CELEBRITY SEAPASS CARD: YOUR ID Celebrity Cruise Line uses a computerized system for tracking all persons, both guests and crew, who enter and exit the ship. Upon arrival at the ship, each guest is issued a boarding card (Celebrity SeaPass cruise card) which they must swipe to be officially logged on to the ship. The system imbeds a full color, digital photograph together with personal database information on their SeaPass. With a card swipe, a computer displays a corresponding photo with database information and merges time and date tracking information upon entry or exit. Your SeaPass Card will serve as your boarding card. This card identifies you as a Celebrity guest and must be carried with you along with picture ID when you go ashore. Because the ship is closed to the public while docked at the various ports-of-call, you must show your SeaPass Card and picture ID to the officer on duty in order to return on board. If you or one of the kids has trouble keeping track of that SeaPass card, go to the shops onboard and buy a plastic holder with a lanyard. Place the card inside the plastic holder and you are good to go. For extra security, stop by the Guest Relations Desk and get a hole punched in the card to slip through the security ring that attaches to the lanyard.


As a “Portal at Sea: Galactic Origins Cruise” Seminar-at-Sea attendee, your incredibly low fee of a total $16 or $18.50 (for suites) per day, per person, for service charges (tips) to your steward, waiters, and all other onboard staff was usually PREPAID when you registered for the event.

This gratuity is shared by your stateroom attendant, dining services staff, and housekeeping staff members who help enhance your vacation experience. At your discretion, the gratuity payments may be adjusted onboard at Guest Relations, in which case they will not automatically be added to your onboard SeaPass account. An 18% gratuity will be automatically added to all beverages, mini bar purchases, spa and salon services. Additional gratuities may be added at your discretion.


As soon as you get onboard, go straight to your stateroom and get settled, if your room is ready. There you will find the “Celebrity Today” Newsletter with schedules for all the onboard activities, including a ship tour with the cruise crew. If the spa or fitness classes are your thing, make your appointments on the first day, as the most popular treatments and times fill up fast. LUNCH IS SERVED Shortly after you are welcomed aboard your incredibly spectacular Celebrity ship, you’re invited to relax, dine, or snack at any of the following free restaurants: Ocean View Café Buffet (Deck 14), Mast Grill (Deck 14), Sushi on Five (Deck 5). Concierge Class and above are served sit-down lunch in the Main Dining Room on embarkation day. Retreat Class are served sit-down lunch in the Luminae dining room (Deck 3). Read the details in your “Celebrity Today” Newsletter, which you will find in your room, as this dining information might be out of date due to frequent Dry Dock renovations to the ship. Celebrity’s unique combination of gracious dining staff, fine cuisine, and new friends make every meal onboard a memorable occasion, starting from the moment you get on the ship. MANDATORY SAFETY DRILL All guests must attend the mandatory safety drill (also known as “muster”) and follow all health and safety instructions issued by the Captain as part of the mandatory safety drill announcements. Upon embarkation, guests will have a window of several hours during which they must (a) review essential safety information and (b) report to their designated muster station. On certain vessels, guests are encouraged to use our patented eMuster™ system, which allows for the review of essential safety information by viewing a safety video via our mobile app or stateroom televisions. Guests who do not complete the safety video portion of the muster requirements via eMuster™, or who are otherwise unable to review essential safety information upon embarkation, will be required to participate in a brief safety presentation upon arrival at their designated muster station.


MANDATORY Check-In for “Portal at Sea: Galactic Origins Cruise” Seminar-at-Sea: ALL attendees of the Seminar-at-Sea (including speakers, staff, and vendors) are required to check-in for the Seminar-at-Sea on Deck 3 Forward in The Conference Center, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. During your check-in, you will receive your Portal at Sea: Galactic Origins Seminar-at-Sea program guide and your unique seminar entrance identifier so you can get into our seminars. Security on the seminar will be strict, and you will not be allowed into any events without your unique identification. Also, if you are attending one of our special Seminar-at-Sea Shore Excursions, or Special Events on the ship, you will receive your shore excursion tickets during this mandatory check-in.

MANDATORY First Meeting Welcome-Aboard Sail-Away Orientation and Logistics: The first meeting of our Seminar-at-Sea will take place in the Sky Conference Center, Deck 14 Forward, Port side, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Our first meeting will be a mandatory welcome and orientation. See the entire TENTATIVE schedule at www.divinetravels.com/Portal2024Schedule.html. GROUP PHOTO At 5:00 pm, right after our first meeting, we will take a Group Photo. GROUP DINING Dinner will begin at 5:00 pm in the main dining room. Our group will have a designated place to dine together nightly from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Make new friends at dinner, or dine with your favorite speakers! Please note that you can eat at any table you want within our designated seating area. Even though your “SeaPass Card” might have a table-number printed on it, your table is NOT really assigned, so please move around and meet new people for each meal. Please arrive on time in order to get a spot. Otherwise empty tables might be relinquished to general seating. Of course, you are not required to eat with our group, or in our dining room. There are many places to eat anytime on the ship, including a giant buffet and 24-hour Room Service. See details of dining choices on the ship at the following page: http://www.divinetravels.com/Contact2024Ship.html. SEMINAR-AT-SEA SPEAKERS INSPIRATIONAL PRODUCTS On our “Portal at Sea: Galactic Origins Cruise” Seminar-at-sea, our speakers will bring books, CDs, DVDs, and other products. Some may also offer private sessions. They will be selling their wares in the meeting room in the Conference Center on the ship. Also, there will be a full Seminar-at-Sea led by our amazing presenters, which might be video-recorded, and those DVDs might be available. These special items can be purchased with cash or a credit card and will not go through the Celebrity SeaPass account system. If you get short on cash, all ships in the Celebrity fleet have ATM machines. There is a transaction fee levied by the owners of the ATMs, plus any other fees your financial institution would charge.