Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak

Experts, Researchers, Authors

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.  are futurists, authors and founders of The Academy For Future Science, an international organization. Dr. J.J. Hurtak is best known as the author of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®. However, his public presentations on the UFO phenomena go back to 1977, when he was a presenter at the First World Congress on UFOs in Acapulco, Mexico, along with J. Allen Hynek. He was also a presenter at the first government-related UFO disclosure conference When Cosmic Cultures Meet, in Washington DC (1995), along with Dr. John Mack. Drs. Hurtak, together, were science consultants for Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller of an alien encounter entitled The Doomsday Conspiracy with Astronaut Gordon Cooper. They currently appear in the Netflix TV series entitled Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified. They are also part of Alan Steinfeld’s new book entitled Making Contact. 

One of their most recent books called Sound: Profound Experiences with Chanting, Toning, Music and Healing Frequencies was #1 on Amazon in the category of the Physics of Acoustics and Sound. They are also explorers who have traveled to sacred sites around the world, from Mexico to Easter Island, and are the discoverers of the Tomb of Osiris on the Giza Plateau in Egypt.



Consciousness, Extraterrestrials and the Cosmos 

With the growing realization that cosmic realms housing myriads of intelligences ranging from the extraterrestrial, extracelestial to the “ultraterrestrial” exist,” we will explore our connection to them. We are about to open a new page of history that will affect everything we contemplate and know, from biology and genetics to the reality of other space civilizations. This talk is about understanding the cosmology and sociology of alien intelligences which include both technical and spiritual civilizations. Through the lens of our multidimensional awakening, we will also examine recent government disclosures and their knowledge of the “Cosmic Others”– and how ‘they’ are presently interacting with humanity. 

We are emerging from our status as solely planetary beings and are entering a new phase of evolution as cosmic citizens and this talk will serve as a gateway to cosmic communication as we lead a remote viewing group experience to generate a deeper understanding of nonlocality.  There will also be films and music that can help orientate our awakening consciousness so we can discern the various civilizations.  Join us for a look at the cosmology of alien worlds and multidimensional realities. 

We are cosmic beings, beginning to understand our higher faculties by using “remote viewing” and remote healing. As we learn how to work with our nonlocal mind, just as extraterrestrial intelligence has shown us, we can see ourselves as co-creators within a greater Mind which has, as its goal, the development of our own Light Bodies. What we can do with this greater Mind will transform civilization, the planet and our future. There will also be a guided meditation on how to initiate our physical body to work directly with those who are the ultraterrestrial beings of Light.


The Cosmic Significance for the World Grid: From Egypt to Mexico

This talk introduces intriguing concepts of how past civilizations had insights that created massive structures almost impossible to reproduce today. We will see how the ancient temples were generally placed at various vortex points around the world that are key nodal points of the grid system. There is a profound meta-significance to the world grid structure on our planet as it ties into key star alignments to significant stars like Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius. The ancient Mysteries of the stars and beyond can be found in the form of symbols, names, sacred alignments and acoustic resonances that we can experience. 

This talk will further examine how these sacred vortex points were recognized as active grid points by past civilizations through their profound insights. Traveling from Egypt and the Great Pyramid, we will also look at Pyramids and Sacred Temples from India to Mexico and onwards to South America, gaining insight into the ancient and future wisdom traditions as mentioned in The Keys of Enoch® that put in place the world pyramid grid structure to demonstrate that we are part of a vast astronomical axiatonal system of cosmic energy. From India to Egypt and on to Mexico and the ancient Indian lands of the Southwest, we will see the wisdom behind the ancient cultures as we use their Sacred expressions with advanced meditation techniques to take a global journey of the soul through the Sacred Geometries of these sites created by the wisdom keepers as morphogenetic doors for higher consciousness linkages with the stars. As we begin to understand the hidden mysteries of our ancestors, we will see how these areas are vortex points, ‘chronomonitors’, awakening us to our cosmic heritage.