Gabi Kovalenko

My perspective has always been unconventional, creative, and charged by curiosity because I have been celebrating the possibilities of life and the multi-dimensional essence of reality from a young age. I have always been an observant reflector of the world around me, tuning into my surroundings to draw complex conclusions about the world around me.

My introspective nature has led me to wonder why people are the way they are, why circumstances unfold as they do, and how we create the outcomes that we come to witness. The more I questioned, the more in tune with the answers I became. This is a skill each of us can master.

I became enthralled with the concept of consciousness early on in my journey which led me into the spiritual realm, however, I am attached to no single philosophy, set of dogmatic beliefs, or spiritual system other than the awareness of a cosmic order that governs and unifies us all.

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