Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D.

Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who downloads, transmits and channels ZaZar who is a sixth dimensional ET being. She recently channeled and authored a two time award winning book, The ZaZar Transmissions: Pages from the Cosmos. She is currently director of the Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision (SEV) where she leads workshops and retreats on the Consciousness Shift, heart-centered living, global transformation and cosmic contact. She and ZaZar have created and developed consciousness based protocols and heart centered community technology for discovering our own multidimensional selves as well as establishing contact with cosmic civilizations. They teach these empowering and cutting edge concepts through innovative workshops and retreats and have been invited to speak at several national conference venues, podcasts and youtube interviews.  

 She also authored the book, The Oneness of Being: Birthing the New Human. This amazing book guides the reader through the profound process of healing the self, manifesting the soul’s blueprint and evolving consciousness towards ascension and planetary healing. It received the 2016 Gold Medal Award for “Body-Mind-Spirit” from the Independent Publisher Book awards and the 2016 Gold Medal Award for the Living Now Book Awards. 

 Together, Marilyn and ZaZar form an incredibly powerful presence, providing a safe and lively environment for exploring the truth of your Magnificent Light Field.,


Cosmic Consciousness: Ascendency into the New Dawn

Come join us for a cosmic ride with ZaZar, a 6th dimensional ET being, channeled by Dr. Marilyn Gewacke.  ZaZar offers profound teachings to enhance and illuminate the true nature of our star mission on Earth and in the Cosmos. Gather together to not only feel ZaZar’s beautiful and magical presence, but to hear new updates about the fifth dimensional Ascension journey on Earth and what to expect in 2025. ZaZar’s mission clearly is grounded and resonant with the current rhythms of frequency experiences on Earth at this particular time. He has come here now to assist in the Fifth Dimensional Ascension process on Earth through Frequency Recognition, Light Technology and Experiential Sacred Journeys..  As ZaZar shares his extraordinary wisdom, our awakening feels smooth and enlivening, touching some deep knowing within the human core that lights up with a harmonious and resonant experience. You can feel his ingenuity, gentleness and extraordinary compassion which creates a deep burst of a metaphoric remembrance-journey.

  He brings tremendous healing for our “separation trauma” that originates from the human alienation from our Cosmic Home.  Heart-consciousness protocols for contacting and communicating with our Star Family brings a new pathway for disclosure and experiencing the truth of our Galactic place in the Universe. He is a master at providing experiential journeys to sooth our souls, reawaken our star codes and take flight into the Cosmos.


Conscious Contact under the Stars

ZaZar and the triple star team of Marilyn Gewacke, Diane Saunders and Jen Westacott have created heart-consciousness protocols for making contact with our Galactic Star Family. They have been doing this work for the last 14 years and have one of the largest CE-5 communities in the country. They live on a 50 acre Sanctuary in upstate New York where they have had multiple contact experiences both on the land and in the sky. They also have developed indoor contact protocols where the community has experienced the presence of ETs, orbs, sound tones and light and energetic anomalies. In addition, many receive personal downloads, star code acivations and portal openings for healings. They also do CE-5 events as they travel throughout the country doing ZaZar events.


ZaZar Sessions

Zazar, channeled by Marilyn, gives life changing individual sessions that will not only answer many of your questions, but provide direction for soul mission and manifestation. ZaZar is a master at seeing your Soul Matrix where all your incarnations live, revealing some of your most evolved lives pertinent to this current incarnation. As you connect with your higher incarnations, corridors will open, triggering potent DNA activations, star code remembrances and healing. He has a brilliant and unprecedented understanding of the human experience. ($222 for one hour)