Tamara Richardson

Tamara Caulder Richardson, an International Evidential Psychic Medium known in her spiritual stage demonstrations as, the Southern Belle Medium® www.southernbellemedium.com, a 6x Near-Death Experiencer and Afterlife Speaker, Sirian Celestial Hybrid, Conscious and Trance Channeler of Christ, Council of Light, and with Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, and Host of the popular YouTube Seeking Heaven Channel, www.youtube.com/@seekingheavenchannel and the Director/Master Teacher for, Academy of Divine Wisdom, Ascension School at, www.academyofdivinewisdom.com

For private readings sessions go to: www.southernbellemediumm.com, or www.academyofdivinewisdom.com/services. And also subscribe to the popular YouTube Seeking Heaven Channel at, www.youtube.com/@seekingheavenhannel


At Sea with Sirius B – The Lives of Sirian Aquarians & Ocean Dwellers

Your presenter, Tamara Caulder Richardson, an Angelic Sirian, includes information on Sirius A and especially B, the life forms found there, and the migration of Sirian B starseeds to Lemuria and Atlantis to the present time. Tamara will discuss her life as a Sirian High-Priest Aquarian Shape-Shifter in Atlantis where she taught Stargate Portal Technology utilizing the elements, what makes up a Sirian from Sirius B, and why are Sirian B starseeds attracted to the aquatic animals such as whales, dolphins, and the ocean life at large. Join this beautiful, detailed visualization and description of my last home, Sirius B. And, if time permits, Tamara will give a channeled message to the group from the Sirian Angelic Council of Light.


Activating Your Star Memories & Light Code Languages

In this invigorating and interactive workshop, Tamara Caulder Richardson will be taking you through powerful, guided visualizations to help recall your past lives on one or more planets, the emotional connection you felt to that planet and its people… your star family. After which, Tamara, will have each person team up with other students to do recall exercises of past lives on different planets. In the second part of this workshop, Tamara will guide you on how to speak your native star language, with ease. Finally, Tamara will give you a channeled light code activation. Be ready to engage in these uplifting, off-planet spiritual exercises, wonder and fun!


30-Minute, Evidential Psychic Medium – Reading Session

In this type of evidential reading session, I will connect mediumistically to past ancestors and get any messages pertinent to your current life, then move upward in ascension to the angelic realms to channel your “Team God” to find out any spiritual information that will empower you on this journey. These sessions can be healing, and offer closure and clarity in our life purpose. (value $375, now $255)


30-Minute, Starseed Earth Mission – Reading Session

Through the Akashic Records, I will connect with your star heritage, and past lives (Earth, or other planets) that affect your Earth mission & discuss what areas that can be worked on to further your progress. I will offer any intuitive & channeled messages that assist you with a greater understanding of your earth mission, including releasing old paradigms that no longer serve you. (value $375, now $255)


45-Minute, Angelic Message and Activation – Energy Session

Through me, an angelic Sirian starseed, and your Holy angels, will offer you Holy messages to assist with your spiritual progress. During this time, prophetic angelic messages on your current life and soul path will come through. As well as, you will receive an activation through the energy, codes, Divine message, and our presence. Healings can occur on an emotional or physical nature, as well as, spiritual insights and activations of abilities can occur. (value $444, now $333)