Sol Tara

Sol Tara was born into a family of mediums in Bolivia.

As a kid, Sol would see and feel spirits. This terrified her because she did not know what was happening since she did not have a teacher at the time. Out of fear, Sol closed her Third-Eye and intuitive abilities. This left her feeling disconnected throughout most of her life.

For years Sol turned to traditional therapy, drugs, and alcohol, but they did not solve her problems. After hitting rock-bottom, she made a decision to heal herself.

This healing quest took Sol to +30 countries to learn from talented masters from across the world.

After discovering the healing power of alchemy, Sol finally found the root cause of her trauma. Alchemy changed her life.

Sol shares the power of alchemy, mediumship, and meditation to connect people with their unlimited power in her monthly Full Moon Ritual and Meditation and in the Golden Age Alchemy Academy™.

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Open Up Your Psychic Abilities With Discernment

Discernment is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It is essential in our modern world. Without your own North Star it’s easy to get lost in the noise. In this session you’ll learn 2 techniques to open up your psychic abilities in a way that guarantees discernment via your personal truth.


Cleansing Your Energy With An Ancient Egyptian Alchemy Practice

Just like you brush your teeth daily, you must cleanse your energy daily. Without proper energy hygiene you experience confusion, anxiety, and an overwhelmed nervous system. Explore this alchemical practice for clearing your energy field, emotional body, and mental body so that you can enjoy more clarity, peace, and vitality.


Quantum Alchemy Healing

In this healing session we will work with various modalities to transform the root cause of your mental, spiritual, emotional, health, relationship, career, or financial block.

The session is 90 minutes and is $444.

We will use the modalities most aligned with your personal situation such as:

• Elemental alchemy with fire, light, water, air, ether, or earth

• Connecting with your Spirit Team

• Sound healing

• Quantum alchemy

• Crystal healing

• Channeling