Viviane Chauvet

Ascension Teacher & Activation Guide

Viviane Chauvet, an ancient Arcturian intergalactic being who ascended thousands of years ago, has returned as an ambassador for the re-ascension timeline in a hybrid human form. Known for her advanced healing services, she has conducted thousands of private sessions worldwide in the past 12 years. As an Arcturian oracle, she travels between star systems, helping civilizations on the verge of evolutionary ascension. Her interstellar delegation is part of the Federation of Light and collaborates with various interplanetary councils and Hierarchy.

In the last decade, she has spoken at conferences and been featured on radio shows and online summits. She is featured in the award-winning documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelation” and will be in a documentary based on “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac.” Her collaborative bestselling book series, including “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters,” is available on Amazon. In addition to being the host of The Infinite Star Connections Podcast, she also has a teaching channel on the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN) to inspire multidimensional expansion. Visit our website:,


Light DNA Geometry Frequency Activation

In this workshop, you will receive a Light DNA Geometry frequency activation with the advanced intergalactic Arcturians, Andromedans, and Lyrans. Since the DNA serves as an antenna, its evolving structure reflects a new era of evolution for old souls. Can you imagine awakening your ability to access the new soul and galactic records? The Masters of Light will also explore the science of consciousness, including the new structure of light-sound and the holographic field. What it means is that your DNA archetypal structure re-creates the spherical archives of many interstellar groups. 

You will experience meditative exercises to consciously access the sacred archives of your DNA and galactic ancestry. Viviane’s workshop includes exploring the Holographic Codes, Crystalline Sparks in the New Brain, the Golden Light Harmonic, and Codes of Consciousness.  Travel with us beyond galactic origins!


Arcturian Energy Matrix Activation

The Energy Matrix Activation transmits Arcturus Light Codes as holographic geometric patterns for DNA regeneration, Quantum consciousness elevation, body template restoration, heart-mind alignment, and higher awareness of your I AM—Divine Presence. It is done in a sacred holographic space. Our activation facilitates your natural transition from a carbon-based 3D human template to a multi-dimensional Divine Being of Light. Think of it as the medicine of the future!